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Kipp has had One and Two-man shows in and      around Michigan.  "My early works were

illustrative pieces that allowed me to explore what oil paint could do. I use a traditional approach going for layered colors so glazing and scumbling are usually employed.  I focus on the interplay of light and shadow and the effect of textures on the affected surfaces. I explore what are often fleeting images of our amazing and fragile world. Once I find the image’s focus and rhythm, the rest works itself out".  Influences include Maxfield Parrish, Isaak Levitan, Hudson River School, The Russian Wanderers


As well as being an accomplished painter , Kipp is also a goldsmith, boat builder and musician.

A painter for more than fifty years and lifelong Michigander, James Kipp developed an appreciation early for the state’s endless coastlines and the subtle beauty found in unexpected places. “My parents were both artistic so I fell into it naturally”.

In high school, “I developed a knack for drawing on anything and everything, including text books”.  He studied painting, printmaking and sculpture as part of Michigan State University's BFA program.

Straits Of Mackinac_edited.jpg

All paintings are original oil paintings painted either on linen canvas or cradled wood panel. Shipping within the continental USA is free. Paintings are securely packed. All paintings are finished with a UV protecting varnish. 

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